A Work In Progress

I'm so happy with the start of my multimedia personal philosophy of education that I wanted to share it. Yes, at this point it is just a painting of a turtle, but soon the shell will be covered in my teaching philosophy. Words like constructivism, problem-solving, leadership, and experiential learning, to name a few.

So why a turtle, you ask?  As an environmental educator and a biologist, the turtle holds a very special place in my heart. The turtle is a symbol of the Earth. It is old, steadfast, and strong. And (much like snowflakes) as no two children are exactly alike, each turtle has its' own  intricate, unique pattern. No two are alike. A strong teaching practice builds on a strong personal philosophy, and my personal teaching philosophy has been build on a strong, deep, connection to the Earth. 
Personal Philosophy of Education (work in progress)  

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