Possibly the most beautiful viewpoint of learning I have ever read


 "Knowledge is not secular. It is a process derived from creation, and as such it has a sacred purpose. It is inherent in and connected to all of nature, to its creatures, and to human existence. Learning is viewed as a life-long responsibility that people assume to understand the world around them and to animate their personal abilities. Knowledge teaches people how to be responsible for their own lives, develops their sense of relationship to others, and helps them model competent and respectful behaviour."

-Dr. Mary Battiste, Indigenous Knowledge and Pedagogy in First Nations Education: A Literature Review with Recommendations. p. 14  

(I think I've found the backbone to my personal philosophy of education!)

Painting With Nature- Niagara Nights of Art

Here I am at my workshop for the Wainfleet Niagara Nights of Art called Painting With Nature. This was clearly early in the day before the event was open to the public. It was a huge success! There were artists young and old taking part in the creative exploration workshop. Participants could walk up and create, using flowers, leaves, sticks, and feathers.
By the end of the day the front table was covered in paint and the back table was covered in drying works of art! It was so inspiring to see the variety of work people made. Feeling creative? I highly recommend painting with a feather. It makes an amazing paint brush!
Here is some more info about the event: Wainfleet Showing its Artistic Side, Welland Tribune

Balanced Mind, Balanced Life?

Food for thought...

Is it better to focus the majority of your energy on one subject you excel at? I would like to pose the argument that balance is better. For myself, the vast majority of my academic career focused on a very specific, very narrow pocket of biology (the evolution of regeneration in salamanders if you were dying to know) but in my personal time I rebelled. I needed a break from biology! I needed a break from talking 'shop' with other grad students, from reading research papers, and from sitting in a climate controlled laboratory. So, in my extracurricular time I expanded my boundaries. I took silk screening classes, did yoga, learned Latin dance.

During my brain's break from biology, amazing things happened. For one, I made a whole whack of T-Shirts for my family & friends, but I also learned skills that helped me along the way. I visualized things differently using my artistic skills, I learned stress reducing techniques that grad students need, I learned about new cultures, and made new friends.

And as an added bonus,  I will be combining art and science in an Art Workshop that I will be running! It's called 'Painting with Nature'. So, if you are in Niagara October 13th, come check out the walk-on-up & create workshop, which will be running from 12:20-6:00 as part of the Niagara Nights of Art.