Using the iPad to Develop Oral Communication

This week I will be introducing a new activity for Oral Communication with the grade 1's.

During guided reading group rotation, I will work with groups of students on the carpet. I will have 3 groups of students for 10-15 min each.

We will be using the app Story Wheel to create impromtu oral stories.

Each student will have a turn spinning the story wheel, revealing a picture. The student then has to record their ideas about the picture.

The next student to spin the wheel will land on another random picture. They not only have to think of something to say about the picture, but they also have to try to link their thoughts to the last person's to build a communal story.

My week at a glance is as follows:

Introduction of Activity & Creative Exploration
What Makes a Good Story?
Re-listen to student-generated stories from Mon, what would you change?
Tell stories again, use oral communication strategies that make a good story
Listen to other groups stories, re-tell in own words
Add conjunctions (program goal) to stories

This simple, fun, engaging oral communication activity targets the following Ontario Curriculum expectations:
1.4- retell
2.3- communicate ideas
2.4- appropriate words to communicate meaning
2.5- vocal effects
3.1- metacognition of strategies for speaking and listening