What Kind of Teacher Do You Want to Be?

It's day two of my first week of Teachers College, and although I'm already feeling a little tired and overwhelmed, I'm excited to dig into the content: learn new petagogies, strategies, and of course because I'm in the Ed Tech Leadership cohort, technologies to bring to the classroom.

But there's this little voice inside my head saying " What kind of teacher are you going to be?". Maybe it's my insecurities about managing a classroom, or my secret fear that all this new technology will crash on me in the middle of teaching, but I'm worried.

Then I look around at the diverse faces in my courses and I realize, everyone is here because they don't just want to be a good teacher, they wan't to be a great teacher. It's ok to be scared because it means I care about doing an amazing job. I want to be what my favourite teachers were to me and then some! I want to go outside with my class, get our hands dirty, use hands-on discovery, make math meaninful, integrate subjects, diversify instruction, be inclusive, be kind, and inspire a generation of lifelong learners.

If I'm feeling this inspired on week one, just imagine week 10, or 20!


  1. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how your level of excitement, passion and inspiration grow.
    ~ Camille

  2. I see that you are rolling up your sleeves and getting right in there. A wonderful illustration that suggests excitement, learning by doing, colourful experiences and so much more. Enjoy the ride!